Upcoming COGITA meeting in Tampere Finland, May 9th ’19. Call for abstracts.

Friday, December 28th, 2018

Invitation. Dear colleagues, we happily invite you for the 11-th COGITA meeting in Tampere, May 9 2019, the day before the EGPRN conference. Please block that nice day in your organizer.

We then will discuss a lot of topics such as

  • the final results of a child abuse detecting study among general practictioners and youth health physicians
  • the progress of a gut feelings-patient study (in the Netherlands and in Belgium)
  • the role of uncertainty in diagnostic reasoning ( a more epistemological approach)
  • perhaps a review of the literature about the role of gut feelings in diagnostic reasoning
  • the progress of ‘a gut feelings and cancer’ study in Spain and perhaps of a comparable   study in the UK.
  • and more interesting items.

Abstracts: we hope you will present your research. Please submit your abstract before April 15-th 2019 to cf.stolper@maastrichtuniversity.nl

COST proposal: we are preparing a proposal for a COST project (EU funds http://www.cost.eu) and will discuss then a first draft. So we need you all.

More information about Tampere, the EGPRN conference and accommodation see https://meeting.egprn.org/ 

Johannes Hauswaldt, Paul Van Royen, Marie Barais, Erik Stolper