Gut feelings questionnaire in real settings: a feasibility study protocol

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Marie Barais will present on the 79the EGPRN conference (Heraklion-Greece) in a five minutes-one slide presentation a multinational feasability study protocol of the gut feelings questionnaire (GFQ).

The¬†GFQ is a 10 items questionnaire based on the consensus statements defining¬†gut feelings in a¬†general practitioner’s¬†diagnostic reasoning. The construct validity of the questionnaire was tested by case vignettes.The aim of the GFQ is to determine the presence or absence of gut feelings in diagnostic reasoning of GPs. The GFQ can be used in a study to measure the prevalence of gut feelings and their predictive value for a serious disease. The questionnaire was never evaluated in real settings by GPs during office hours.Therefore the objective is to determine the feasibility of the questionnaire in daily practice in primary care.

For more information see GFQ in real settings okt 2014.