Avis Car Rental Agreement South Africa

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

– The card must carry a Mastercard or Visa logo – the numbers must be increased on the card as on a credit card with the inscription “Cheque Card” on the back or front of the card. – Avis treats credit card rents in the same way as credit card rentals. The estimated amount of the authorization is kept in the account for the duration of the rent and calculated in case of termination. Outside the country One Way, rentals outside South Africa are allowed in the following countries: Botswana – ZAR 2500.00 Swaziland – ZAR 1100.00 Lesotho – ZAR 1100.00 – Namibia ZAR 5000.00 3. DELIVERY OF THE VEHICLE 3.1 Delivery of the vehicle is made when the tenant or their representative takes possession of the keys and/or vehicle at the rental location. 3.2 The vehicle is considered to be in good order and without repair and without damage, among other things, paint, padding and accessories (unless such damage is found in writing and signed by both parties under “vehicle condition” on the lease agreement or the “rental vehicle status report”). All damages that are not accounted for in this way are in the tenant`s account. 12. THIRD PARTY INSURANCE 12.1 Subject to the terms and conditions (particularly at point 10.4) of this lease, the company has taken out comprehensive automobile insurance (CMIP) which provides the tenant with liability insurance for damage to third-party property as a result of an incident in which the tenant participated during the tenancy period. This coverage is limited to R$6,000,000 per deposit. 12.2 The existence of the CMIP denies, reduces or crushes the tenant`s debts or obligations within the meaning of the tenancy agreement. 12.3 Coverage is conditional on compliance with the terms of the lease and the terms and conditions applicable to the CMIP.

Due to the increased risk associated with the current driving environment, Avis has launched a product to protect the tenant from the additional costs, abandoning the Tyre Damage wind screen. This is not new in the car rental sector, but it is new for Avis. A small tax of 20.00 (TTC) per rental day exempts the tenant from any liability or expense related to repairing or replacing the windshield or other windows of the vehicle if they are damaged by circumstances often beyond the control of the tenants. If WTDW refuses, the maximum amount of liability zar is 5000.00. Actual electronic tolls are charged after the rental contracts have been registered. The invoices contain an additional position reflecting the total cost of the electronic toll during the rent. Details of each electronic toll transaction are available on the Avis website at www.avis.co.za/e-tolls. Tenants wishing to travel to Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho or Namibia must be in possession of a letter of execution that is available from the Notice loan office when they pick up the vehicle. 5. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE 5.1 The tenant returns the vehicle to an authorized representative of the Company at the tenant`s expense on the agreed return date, the agreed time and the place of tenancy agreed in the tenancy agreement. 5.2 The Tenant acknowledges that the non-restitution of the vehicle constitutes, within the meaning of the contract, illegal possession by him and the company may recover the vehicle wherever it can be found and by whom it is in possession.