Traffic Accident Settlement Agreement Hk

Tuesday, April 13th, 2021

On July 5, 2012, the applicant signed the respondent`s standard Chinese discharge form, which stated that he had received all of his accident rights from the respondent and/or his insurers, in full and final. In the discharge form, the plaintiff agreed to waive all rights, to take further legal action against the respondent and/or his insurers as a result of the accident. A quick cash tally in both situations can be an effective solution for what has the potential to become a long process. One of the benefits of paying a claim without the involvement of insurance companies is that you are able to protect your no claims rebate. (b) the date of birth, occupation and income of the deceased at the time of the accident; In accordance with the Automobile Insurance Regulations (Chapter 272), all vehicles must be insured for personal injury resulting from an accident in which the vehicle is used on a road. Other claims may include. B property damage such as the vehicle the deceased was driving at the time of the accident and the associated medical expenses. In Chan Kwok Man, the complaint was made as a result of personal injury suffered by the applicant in a motor vehicle accident that occurred in the course of his work with the respondent. The grievor had taken a public bus for the respondent when he collided with a taxi (“the accident”). There is no mandatory insurance covering rights against collection agents and they are of unknown financial assistance. Since accident compensation in Hong Kong is assessed on the basis of actual damages, victims who use means of recovery are not properly compensated, as part of their compensation must be paid to rescue companies.

Seriously injured victims may not have the means to support themselves. It should be noted that, under this scheme, the applicant is required to inform the Director of Social Assistance when he makes an application or initiates legal action following the road accident and to inform any person against whom he is entitled of the amount he has received from the Fund. The plaintiff is entitled to compensation for other amounts appropriately generated by the accident.