Upcoming COGITA meeting 2018. Save the date.

Monday, September 11th, 2017

In 2015, in Marburg (Germany) the COGITA group had a joint meeting with the Clinical Decision Making workshop (a European network of clinical psychologists called CDM). The theme was Navigation in Clinical Uncertainty. In 2018, we plan to have a joint meeting again, in Göttingen in Germany, the 17-19th May. The 17th May COGITA and CDM workshop will have there own meetings but the next 1 1/2 day we will work together. Of course we will have an excellent gut feelings dinner and an exciting city tour.

Our proposal is to focus on the process of diagnostic reasoning (DR). How does it work? How successful is the process in terms of e.g. avoiding tunnel vision or in finding a good balance between analytical reasoning and intuitive thinking ? Can we make this process more transparent? How do insights from EBM shape these decisions if they do at all?  How do gut feelings, experience, and knowledge about evidence based treatments interact in decision making? Can even a patient GF attribute to this process? Do the hospital specialists’ DR process differ in this respect from GPs or clinical psychologists?

Please save the date (17-19th May 2018, Göttingen).