Literature & References (in process)

Kahneman D, Klein G. Conditions for intuitive expertise: a failure to disagree. Am.Psychol. 2009 Sep;64(6):515-26.

‘This article reports on an effort to explore the differences between two approaches to intuition and expertise that are often viewed as conflicting: heuristics and biases (view of Kahneman, Nobelprize winner) and naturalistic decision making (view of Klein)’. These top researchers both let see how emotions and prejudices steered the way of their thoughts, of their research and even their carreers. After extended discussions and several years, they agreed on an answer to one basic question: ‘under what conditions are the intuitions of professionals worthy of trust?’ In their common conclusions they underscore the role of an environment when providing valid cues and good feedback. (In words of GPs: the role of the context information) In such situations, ‘skill and expert intuition will eventually develop in individuals of sufficient talent’.