Cross-cultural translation and validation of the ‘gut feelings’ questionnaire into Spanish and Catalan

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

The Gut Feelings Questionnaire is available in Spanish and Catalan language. Read the publication in EJGP. Or look up all translations on


Background: The gut feelings questionnaire (GFQ) is the only tool developed to assess the presence of a ‘sense of alarm’ or a ‘sense of reassurance’ in the diagnostic process of general practitioners (GPs). It was created in Dutch and English and has validated versions in French, German and Polish.

Objectives: To obtain a cross-cultural translation of the GFQ into Spanish and Catalan and to assess the structural properties of the translated versions.

Methods: A six-step procedure including forward and backward translations, consensus, and cultural and linguistic validation was performed for both languages. Internal consistency, factor structure, and content validity were assessed.

Results: Internal consistency was high for both questionnaires (Cronbach’s alpha for GFQ-Spa = 0.94 and GFQ-Cat = 0.95). The principal component analysis identified one factor with the sense of alarm and the sense of reassurance as two opposites, explaining 76% of the total variance for the GFQ-Spa, and 77% for the GFQ-Cat.

Conclusion: Spanish and Catalan versions of the GFQ were obtained. Both have been cross-culturally adapted and showed good structural properties.