Marie Barais defended her PhD about the sense of alarm in primary care, in Antwerp (Belgium)

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Marie Barais, a French GP (Brest), defended successfully her PhD entitled ‘The sense of alarm as a tool preventing error in primary care’, in Antwerp (2018/10/17). In the first part of this thesis, she gives  account for the translation of the gut feelings questionnaire (GFQ) in three European languages. She also reports the results of a thoroughly performed feasibility study of the GFQ in three European countries, and finally she explains how a glossary was composed on diagnostic reasoning terms regarding to the research of gut feelings. In the second part, she explored how GPs came to suspect pulmonary embolism in real practice settings. She then calculated in a prospective study the diagnostic test accuracy of a GP’s sense of alarm when confronted with dyspnoea and chest pain. (read the summary Barais 03062018) If you want to read the complete PhD, please ask Marie for a pdf version. (