Linguistic validation of the gut feelings questionnaire in Ukraine

Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Medical clinical decisions is based on combination of analytical and non-analytic thinking. The concept of “gut feeling questionnaire” (GFQ) in GP was described through qualitative research of both sensations of alarm and assurance. The investigated enquirer has been validated in 5 countries.

Research questions:
Linguistic validation of the European GFQ translated from English into Ukrainian.

The research material was the GFQ in English translated to Ukrainian.
Linguistic validation was carried out according to the standard algorithm developed by the authors.

The research group consisted of Ukrainian and English-speaking researchers in the field of primary health care. The linguistic validation process followed by the working group met the standard criteria described in international literature.
Linguistic validation was carried out in 3 steps.
Step1: Two independent experts (Ukrainian speakers),- primary medical care doctors, translated English version of the European GF questionnaire into Ukrainian. They performed this translation separately and independently from each other. They were invited to comment it if necessary.
Step 2: After the 1st stage, two independent experts (English native speakers) who new Ukrainian who were familiar with the medical terminology, made a backwards translation of Ukrainian version to English. The experts carried out the translation separately and independently from each other. They were also invited to comment, if necessary.
Step 3: A consensus was held with the participation of 6 Ukrainian medical experts who new English who discussed the original English version comparing with translated Ukrainian one and backwards translation variants.
The participants of consensus meeting made a number of editions and remarks on the translation of translated words and phrases, in particular: “gut feeling” has no analogues in the Ukrainian language and experts proposed to use the Ukrainian expression which can be translated like: «internal senses”.

Linguistic validation is the first stage of the Ukrainian GFQ validation.

Accepted for a poster presentation at the 89th EGPRN Meeting

Pavlo Kolesnyk2, Antonina Niroda1, Kolesnyk Andriy1, Shushman Ivanna1,3, Zheka Andriy3, Kramarchuk Volodymyr2, Yakym Iryna2

1Medical center «Medicover», Ukraine, 2Department of Postgraduate Education, Department of Therapy and Family Medicine, Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine. 3Medical faculty, Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine. 4Medical center «Hemomedika», Ukra, 388000 Uzhgorod, Ukraine. E-mail: